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  Scientists are drawn to mysteries.

I am having difficulty finding one.



UP DATE 2-12-15

I start working in a professional environment to start shooting pictures in a controlled environment. This will allow me to start shooting at 30 frames per second!!


Zero point energy is a new source of energy similar to solar power except we can now remove electrons from the air 24 hours a day and power our entire  planet according to Nicola Tesla.

Nicola Tesla was the inventor of alternating current electricity this is the power we use in our households everyday around the world!

    I have discovered something new. I believe this new discovery has something to do with what Nicola Tesla’s had already discovered.

    Nicola Tesla could see the electrons moving in the air with an oscilloscope.

    What I discovered was pearly by accident.

   What I want to do to this web site is: to boldly go where no man has gone before!

The University of Minnesota has a contest where any one can enter. It is called the Minnesota Cup Contest for 2015.

   My plan is to start looking for professionals or students that want to join me, to form a team, to win the 2015 Minnesota Cup Contest this year. All participants must live in Minnesota.

   I am looking for:

  1. One, electronic engineer. This person must know how to build an electronic board and must know how to use an oscilloscope.
  2. One, digital camera engineer. This person can help develop a high-speed camera and make movies.
  3. One, business professional. This person can help fix my spelling and grammar for this site, write a business plan and can help build this team.

I have a legal company name called Simontricity LLC, a business checking account, all the necessary papers to own a business for the contest and a patent pending invention that will remove electrons from the air.  

If you are interested or know anyone that might want to become this year’s WINNER for the 2015 Minnesota Cup Contest.

Please e-mail me at simontricityllc@gmail.com

For more information Google; Minnesota Cup Contest for more details.

 Nicola Tesla the inventor of alternating current electricity. 

If you know anyone that is working with Zero Point Energy Technology please tell them about this web-site thank you.


As we all know emissions from cars and power plants could be causing our Global Warming issues.

I have developed a new way to observe how our Planet Earth works. Rather than using fossil fuels like coal and oil we can start using only Electricity to power our cars and all of our Energy needs.

This website is to teach you there is a better way to power our entire Planet.

Remember when you were in school learning for example Science. You would wonder why this subject is important. After you have graduated from school you realize why it is important to learn Science because you need to know it in everyday life. And then you wish you learned more in class when you had the chance.

This web site is set up to teach you step by step like you learned in school. You will not understand why I am teaching you these new subjects you are about to learn. After you read everything you will start to understand why it is important to learn this New Technology.

At the end of each page I will have you click on the page you should go to next this will give you a better way to learn step by step.

I will be updating it as soon as possible. Please send a comment for things you do not understand so I can fix them.

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     Charles Eugene Simon has discovered something new. This is a breakthrough in the field of Zero Point Energy. His hard work and dedication has finally started to pay off after two years of frustration by identifying that Time-Lapse Digital Photography has a real possibility of helping us see with our own eyes how electrons travel in the air without an oscilloscope!

     Charles Simon resides in Minnesota he has a broad technical experience in Design Engineering, Machine Design and Maintenance.  He is an Inventor, Electrical Technician and Electricity Theorist very concerned about Climate Change and Global Warming.  As a problem solver and trouble shooter, he reflected and studied these important issues.  The result of his study is a “machine” invention which operates in any atmosphere and provides protection around its environment.  Chuck brings a theory related to static electricity that suggests a basis for overall global improvement.  Chuck is one step in teaching basic information about Climate, Weather issues, Static Electricity implications and potential solutions to worldwide issues.

     Time Laps Digital Photography will give us a better understanding of how our Planet works. Now that we have a new tool to enhance our understanding of how Plant Earth works we can start to eliminate Fossil Fuel Power Plants. We have already started to do this by Solar Electrical Power and Wind Power Generators.

     After 2 years of analyzing my movies I found a cycle time. I came to realize the cycle time was 8 seconds by looking at each photo one at a time. Then I did a search for the eight second cycle and found Nicola Tesla also knew there was an eighth second cycle of electrons in the air all around us all the time except he could only see the cycle with an oscilloscope.

     According to Nicola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current electricity, there are 3 types of electrons that can be removed from the air to generate enough electricity to power our entire planet. This current can be converted to usable power via the air around us by harnessing Radiant Energy, Static Electricity, and Radio Frequency Energy.

     When high power lines are installed one end of the power line has to be put under ground because there is enough Static Electricity Energy from the air to kill a worker.  If this is the case then Nicola Tesla’s theory most likely is correct.

     Nicola Tesla knew there was an eighth second cycle of electrons in the air all around us all the time except he could see the cycle with an oscilloscope. With the utilization of an oscilloscope we can test the air in my backyard or in your backyard or on the other side of the World and get the same results. In another words no matter where we are on Planet Earth and test the air with an oscilloscope we will always receive the same 7.8 hertz signal coming from the air.

     “So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator, himself had electrically designed this planet.” – Tesla describing what is now known as Schumann Resonance (7.8Hz) in The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires As A Means Of Furthering World Peace 1905

I too am overwhelmed with everything I have discovered in respect to electrons in the air. I am not a Scientist. I am an Electrical Engineer with an Associate’s Degree. I just stumbled on a New Discovery. What I would like to do is share everything I have learned and then let Scientist’s Professors and Engineers that have the Credentials or the Education required to make what I have found a fact.

     This new discovery is in its infancy stages. Some people might ask why I did not use a video camera? I did try it but it is very difficult and it would probably take years to develop. I like to look at it like this. When Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb he traveled all around the world to find a better filament, that would make the light bulb last longer and what he invented in the first place was the best and it is what we use today, a piece of wire with carbon on the wire. So if it works then do it this way.

     It is best to view the movies at about 3 to 4 feet away from a large screen computer monitor. When viewing the movies it takes a while to train your eyes on what you are looking for. When you start viewing the movies it is best to look at the outside edges all around the movie. The number one that flashes on the screen helps you identify the direction has made a half cycle change. Next start looking at the invention you will see the electrons move as though the invention is the center point. All the electrons move around the invention.

     Within the movies there is a number 1 this represents a half cycle. The entire cycle is 7.8 seconds. 7.8 is the human residence cycle this can be seen on an oscilloscope.

     When you start looking at the movies and see #1 then count each flicker of movement up to 4 then start over at #1 when it appears on the screen.

     Each picture was taken in one second inter-volts there is four pictures in one second inter-volts per half cycle

     If the last picture of each cycle was clipped off it would help give you a real-time movie. This would give you a better real-time cycle of 7.8 seconds per cycle.

 Each photo is only a small fraction of a second. Let’s say the moment the photo was taken is one, one thousand of a second and the camera is taking pictures of one frame per second. This is why the movie starts to move the other way just before the end of each half cycle. When I cut the last photo to represents real time I get the same results.

     If I had a camera that would take one photo per tenth of a second or faster we will be able to see the 7.8 second cycle and can you imagine the wonderful effects the fuzz will allow us to see if the electrons are being absorbed into the metal or the chain.

     Some of the movies were speeded up; this allows you to see how the fuzz moves better.

     When I started taking pictures of snow on the ground in my back yard I could see the colored fuzz on everything and there seemed to be a pattern to it. As I started flipping through the photos using Window Photo Viewer I could see the patter of the fuzz move slightly. Then I started taking pictures using a try pod and started to put the photos into a movie.

     I could see the fuzz flow over the snow and I did not know what to think of it all. Very cool and interesting!

     In all the movies I placed #1 in Yellow to represent the fuzz is moving clockwise and #1 in Red to represent a counter clockwise rotation to help you see the direction has changed.


 <  To enlarge movie click here

The above movie is one of the best so far there is so much to look at. I find myself wondering what this is or in complete aha not knowing what I have discovered. I think this is the 7.8 cycle time but I wonder what all the colors represent.

     When Antony Van Leeuwenhoek revolutionized the microscope in the 1700’s and was the first to discover microorganisms, people were reluctant to accept his findings. One can only imagine how difficult it must have been to convince the world that millions of tiny organisms can exist in such a small amount of space, when everyone ‘knew’ that it was impossible! He would later be known as the “father of Microbiology”.

     When Antony invented the microscope he had to be overwhelmed with everything he was discovering. He discovered bugs swimming around in the water that everyone was drinking and to try to teach the world or just try to tell a hand full of people this is real must have been an extremely big challenge.

     If I were to guess; when Antony  first saw the bugs swimming around in the water there must have been many different kinds of bugs and when he magnified the bugs even more he could see the internal parts like their stomachs and small hairs that allow the bugs to swim in the water.

     Antony van Leeuwenhoek did not initially consider himself a Scientist and neither do I before my work with how electrons move through the air utilizing Time Laps Digital Technology; our discoveries were purely by accident.

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