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up-date 6-24-15

Germany or Switzerland
Now that you are here please call me now. I am being forced to shut down my web-site.
Or any other country other than the United States of America, that is independent from oil.
I want to bring my new science and inventions to another country!!!
Now Now Now

  Scientists are drawn to mysteries.



I unfortunately have a disability, it is very difficult for me to spell. It has haunted me my entire life.

I am very good at Inventing and discovering a new way of understanding how our complex planet works.


Tornado Prevention

In order to understand what I have discovered you will need to read the theory page and then go to my prove me wrong page. It is very important to understand all my research is 100 % correct and theory and the maps will work as long as you understand it works providing everything prior to 2011. For example 2011, 2010, 2009, and so on.

Up date 6-19-2015

This web is under construction!


New movies will be ready and posted by  6-26-15.



As you know I sent a letter to President Obama and I signed up with the Minnesota Cup contest and by me looking at the globe page I think most people that come to my web site are Experts that know and understand what I have discovered in respect to static electricity in the air using Time Laps Digital Technology.

It is time for all you Experts to help me in some way. What I want you experts to do is send me comments on my site by clicking in the comet icon and tell me what you think. Am I right or am I wrong? As of now no one has sent me a single comment. Thank you Charles Simon



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